Milky Babes

I was at a party with some friends a while back and there was a discussion about women and food. A few of my buddies said that their women started to use food in the bedroom to get off to and enjoy. Kind of like cucumbers, bananas and other foods. Other friends mentioned that they enjoyed when whipped creme or milk was used in the bedroom and bathroom. I started to think about it and thought that would be an interesting niche and went to the Internet to take a look and see what that niche brought up. I’m a fan of European and Czech women, so Milky Babes caught my attention real quickly.

Milky Babes at is a site dedicated and 100% about women and their enjoyment of food. The women in these videos are all European and they are more than willing to get naked and nasty with all types of food. Whether its whipped creme, milk, honey, or other foods, they spread these food items all over their bodies and get sticky and nasty real quickly. The videos are very well shot and these women aren’t afraid of getting dirty in front of the camera. I enjoyed that these videos didn’t include sex or hardcore action, as they were all solo or two girl action videos. They were 10-15 minutes long, and featured streaming or downloadable formats. They were in SD or HD formats, and they were very well shot and enjoyable if you enjoy food fetish porn. There were plenty of still photos of the action and it covered a number of models and different food groups during the scenes.

In all, the Milky Babes site is one to enjoy if you enjoy food, milk, whipped creme, and incredibly hot women. It’s a particular niche, and one that not all people will be into, but for those who are, it presents them a totally new way to enjoy this type of food fetish video. The women are hot, the videos well shot, and the action intense and It is enjoyable. I thought it was cool and and will remain a member. Watch out for dessert in my house though.

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